Solar powered pumps are increasingly popular in Australia and offer a clean, reliable and cost effective way to transfer water. Both submersible bore pumps and above ground centrifugal water pumps can be solar powered and may include sophisticated control systems.

Engine driven pumps still have an important role to play in many instances where performance is required immediately regardless of the weather conditions or remoteness of the location.

Water filtration can also be included where the supply is dirty or you are feeding into a drip or micro system that needs particularly clean water. We can also supply and install U.V. Filters for use in food processing situations.

If you are in Gatton or the Lockyer Valley contact us to discuss your water pumping requirements and we will design, supply and install to suit including;

  • Submersible Pumps
  • Solar Powered Pumps
  • Engine Drive Pump Sets
  • Filtration – Micro and UV Filters
  • All the Pipework and Electrical required


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